Dry Stone Walling in Huddersfield

Do you need a Dry-stone wall built or repaired? We offer a wide range of different variety of choices when it comes to installing new Walling for you. We have over 20 years’ experience installing Walling across Yorkshire and Lancashire. ConCas Landscaping have a proven track record of always finishing all jobs to a high standard as you can we with our photos of our work.

Contact Us today for a Dry-Stone Walling quote in Yorkshire & Lancashire either via message on our website or phone us to discuss exactly what you desire; we will go through the options that most suit your requirements and desires and even come to pay you a visit in person to go over the job.

dry stone walling in huddersfield

ConCas can design and build any sort of garden wall, stairs, or sandstone construction.

We can handle any job, whether it’s dry stone wall construction or dwarf walls to delineate regions in your garden.

We create utilizing the finest installation methods and may even obtain bricks that match the decor of your home.

Traditional stones from your area, such as slate, sandstone, Yorkstone, Limestone, and others, can also be sourced.

You are welcome to contact us at any time for dry stone walling. Don’t search dry stone walling near me, because we are the one who can help you out with that.

We have a strong commitment to the Dry Stone Wall Construction method. We guarantee a final result that will provide you pleasure for years to come because to our practical expertise, artistic flair, and tenacious work ethic.

We have over 20 years of experience in construction and Stone Exterior Wall Cladding.

Stone Walling in Huddersfield

Stone walling may be used to create lovely elements in a garden or around the perimeter of a house. We install natural stone walling blocks that have been created and manufactured to give your landscape a delicate, ‘old world’ rustic appearance once installed.

How we Build a Dry Stone Wall?

We believe that everyone at ConCas is a great installer who is well versed in the art of dry stone wall installation and works to raise awareness of long-lasting, safe building.

Our Professional skill cannot be substituted. You can also seek the advice and/or assistance of a qualified waller.

We may also assist with project design and once you are completely satisfied then we can start your project of dry wall installation at your desired location.

With all of the numerous pieces and words, dry stone walling might appear complicated at first. Fortunately, the fundamental strategies required to construct a sturdy wall can be reduced to five simple concepts that we provide. If you choose us, your wall will be both robust and attractive.

How much does dry stone walling cost?

Are you the one who is typing reclaimed dry stone walling near me on affordable rates in search engines? We are the one who provide you dry stone walling solutions at absolute cheap rates.

If you wish to install dry stone walling in your property’s grounds, you need choose a local professional with experience and ConCas is the one who has that experience.

When calculating the cost of dry stone walling per metre, the type of stone you pick for your dry stone wall will have a significant influence on the overall cost. Tons of stone are frequently cited, and one ton will typically create one square metre of dry stone wall.

but you don’t have to worry at all because we provide the best rates as compared to our competitors.

Why choose us?

ConCas is one of the greatest dry stone walling installers in Huddersfield because of its outstanding natural tiles and stone, forty years of experience with exceptional expertise.
• We provide you best price.
• Our installers are highly trained and professional.
• When it comes to drystone walling no one can beat us.


We can design one-of-a-kind dry stone structures, sculptures, and garden accents thanks to our knowledge and expertise, and we can also implement workable restoration and repair strategies.

Please contact us to discuss your needs – whether it’s a wall repair, a full garden makeover, a dry-stone sculpture or a garden feature, you can be confident that ConCas will provide excellent work on time and within budget.

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